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Are you looking for patios in Hinckley? Do you want a new patio or do you want to replace your old patio? We offer a wide range of patio renovation and installation options to cater for all types of budgets. Quality assured with only quality materials used.

Let us help you create an outstanding patio or garden at your home. Offering a wide range of choices in both colour, material and layout. We take huge pride in our patio and garden work ensuring a custom bespoke finish each and every time.

We can provide you with multiple samples of various natural and manufactured stone products in order to help you choose the perfect finish for your patio. Add creative touches to your garden area by creating beautiful pathways, curved edges, decorative edging and more.

We tailor each and everyone of our patios in Hinckley to suit our customers. If you need steps, doorway ramps, non slip patios or just easy maintenance, we guarantee that we will create it for you at a price that you can afford.

If you are looking for other options like block paving in Hinckley, head over to visit our paving sections.

We cover others area outside Nuneaton for patio building including the Bedworth area, Rugby area and the Hinckley areas for new and replacement patios.


We can go through the various patio and garden services that we can do for you. We will provide you with multiple options to help cater to your budget. Every patio in Hinckley we build, is built custom and bespoke to you.

  • Patio Paving
  • Indian Sandstone
  • Artificial Lawns
  • Fencing
  • Slabbing
  • Walling
  • Roll on Lawns

Every patio or hard landscape area can be made using different types of manufactured or natural materials. The most standard type of patios and garden areas are built using manufactured products from a quality supplier like Marshalls and Bradstone. All our rubbish from patios is transferred to only registered local Hinckley recycling centers.

Garden Paving Hinckley

Garden paving is the most common option. Usually laid on a screeded sand, it is durable and can be tailored to any shaped patio area. Multiple styles and colours available along with textures. We can provide samples of paving products during our free visit.

Flagstones Hinckley 

Garden and patio flagstones are the next most common patio and garden area flooring, wide range of colours and styles available. Textured and smooth. We lay most flagstones on a semi dry bed of mortar to ensure a grip. Jointing of flagstones depends on the style and type of flagstone picked for your garden.

Natural Stone Hinckley

Very common in older properties and the most durable out of any of the options. Can be cleaned right back to original condition even after 20 years! Natural stone options are as the name implies sourced from nature and the strength, colour, texture runs right through them.

Granite, sandstone, limestone and slate are some of the options. We always lay these on wet mortar bed because of the weight of them. Grouting is done using a Geo-fix grouting compound to ensure stability.

Call our team today to book in a free quote on replacing your garden or patio area in Hinckley. We look forward to hearing from you.