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New Driveway With Block Paving and Dropped Kerb in Nuneaton

New driveway installation in Nuneaton with a dropped kerb from the block paving specialists for Nuneaton. Original driveway was removed with the driveway extended across the entire width of the front. We replaced the lawn, dropped the front kerb to allow entry to the new driveway and removed all the bushes and trees located in the way. We put in new wooden fencing along either side with concrete posts and gravel boards. The fencing was done using a combination of panel fencing and a trellis curved finish.

Flat top edging kerbs were laid across the front with a new raised section in front of the door. We put in a large interlocking diamond pattern into the middle of it. The block paving used was the brindle colour from Marshalls Driveline range and a charcoal border from the same range.

Call our team today if you are looking for a new driveway in Nuneaton. Experts at block paving, tarmac and gravel driveways. Visit our website at for details.

New Driveway With Dropped Kerb in Nuneaton New Driveway With Dropped Kerb in Nuneaton New Driveway With Dropped Kerb in Nuneaton New Driveway With Dropped Kerb in Nuneaton New Driveway With Dropped Kerb in Nuneaton New Driveway With Dropped Kerb in Nuneaton

Cobble Stone Driveways

A traditional styled driveway built with cobble stones in Nuneaton will make any home stand out. With options between manufactured cobble stones like Marshalls Tegula paving and Tobermore Cobbles or natural stone setts made with granite and stone. We can cater the cobblestone driveway to suit your home with options on laying patterns, using various sizes and bespoke bordering.

If you opt for natural stone cobbles, it is the more expensive option but the durability and the colour resistance on them makes the finish far superior than Tegula paving. However, the colour is limited with natural stone with choices on grey, dark grey and gold variants. Tegula paving is available in a variety of colours and laying patterns for the driveway. We can discuss these options with you including providing samples during our FREE quote.


New Lawns Nuneaton

Are you fed up of your old lawn area in Nuneaton and would like to replace it? Give Summit Driveways a call to schedule a free visit from our landscaping specialists. We can put in new patios, new lawns, artificial grass for low maintenance or re-seed your old lawn area. If we are re-seeding your lawn, we would remove the old lawn from the top and put in a new soil. This would be rotavated and the seeds put through on the top of it.

For roll on turf, we would put in new soil which is graded through to ensure no stones and top it off with a sand base. The roll on turf is laid on top of it to ensure once its bonded, it will be soft, even and very comfortable to walk on. Artificial grass options we provide includes a very wide variety of choices which can vary between short to long, coarse to bordering on a velvet feel. We can go through all of these options and more during our FREE quote.

Summit Driveways Are Installers Of:

Permeable Driveways

Does your driveway or patio suffer from flooding? We can solve that problem for you by installing a permeable driveway or patio in Nuneaton. Our skilled permeable installers can put down either permeable paving or a permeable gravel solution for your driveway and patio. Standard driveway drainage is not sufficient to handle heavy surface water flooding on your driveway.

With a permeable solution, the main consideration is the base foundation. It has to be prepared significantly different than normal. We will dig down at least 15 inches to ensure we can insert a new Type 4 MOT which will allow the water to drain right down through the surface.

When a permeable paved driveway is installed, the finished surface is done using permeable paving which is identical to normal paving with the only exception the ridges on the side which are more pronounced to allow a grit jointing instead of the standard kiln dried sand. This allows water to drain down fast and efficiently. We can talk about your permeable driveway options during our FREE quote!

Summit Driveways Are Installers Of:

Walls and Brick Laying

When you want brick layers in Nuneaton, you should try Summit Driveways. We can put in retaining walls, boundary walling, retained flower beds, decorative walling and more in Nuneaton. We can lay brick walls using stock bricks, concrete blocks, engineering bricks and facing bricks. We can put in new pillars, piers, copings and cappings on walls.

We can put in 9 inch walls with either double rows of brick or use a solid block behind it. We would use this method if the wall is going to be retaining significant ground behind it. We will always put in weeping holes to ensure the water is not left to build up behind the wall. We can discuss your requirements for your brick walls during our FREE quote.

Summit Driveways Are Installers Of:

Red Tarmac Drives

At Summit Driveways, we are specialists at laying tarmac driveways in Nuneaton. We can put down both black and red tarmac driveways in Nuneaton with a range of bespoke options that include driveway aprons, custom edging, granite bordering, steps, boundary walls and more. We can provide you with examples of various driveway installations with red tarmac to help you pick a shade of red which you feel is the most suitable to you.

Summit Driveways Are Installers Of:

Drainage Systems

If your driveway or patio has problems with surface water or it is not possible to direct the surface water to suitable land drainage zones, we can put in a new drainage system. Adequate drainage is fundamental to the longevity of any driveway or patio area. You do not want water pooling on any area which is not permeable.

We generally build new drainage systems using ACO drains which is a long, rectangular shape and can connect to each other. This is covered by a detachable metal or plastic grid which can be lifted off to allow you to clean any debris in it easily. This will be piped into either an existing drainage system or we will build a new drainage zone with a soak pit.

For small patio areas that require a simple boost to help water drain away, we can add in new square gulley instead. All of these drainage options are presented during our FREE quote in Nuneaton. Make sure to check our permeable options in Nuneaton for other solutions to driveways and patios that have flooding problems.

 Summit Driveways Are Installers Of:

Steps and Patterns

If you are looking to make your driveway or patio in Nuneaton stand out, we provide a range of step building options and patterns for your driveway and patio. We can put in new block paved steps built with block paving kerbs, we can build steps using natural stone or using brickwork. We can shape the steps in a moon shape, square, rectangle and circular. Elevated steps (more than one step), can be built using both kerbs and brickwork.

We can put in a range of patterns on your paving such as interlocking diamond patterns, circular patterns using circular kits or hand cut, entrance aprons to your driveway or the front door of your house. All these options and more can be discussed during our FREE quote.

Wooden Fencing Nuneaton

As part of our garden landscaping and driveway services, our skilled Nuneaton fence installers can put in new wooden fences, wooden fencing and wooden gates. We ensure to only source high quality fencing products to guarantee a long lasting and durable fencing solution. We have options on standard trellis fencing, wooden posts, concrete posts, panel fencing, concrete gravel boards, picket fencing and more.

Call the team today at Summit Driveways today to book in a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.