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Resin Bound Driveway with Paved Border and Drainage System in Rugby

Here, we have a newly installed resin-bound driveway in Rugby.

We excavated the existing driveway and garden to create additional parking space. We raised the existing drains to the correct levels, installed new ACO channel drains and replaced manhole covers with infill recessed covers to blend into the driveway.

We applied and compacted a new subbase of type 1 MOT stone and installed a Tegula paved border around the perimeter, a matching step and an apron across the front of the entrance. We secured all the paving in concrete.

Finally, we poured in a concrete screed and applied a 20 mm layer of ‘Dawn Rose’ UV protected resin-bound aggregate.

Tumbled Tegula Paved Driveway with Drainage in Rugby

Newly installed paved driveway in Rugby.
The original driveway was completely excavated and extended to accommodate additional parking.
Non-recycled MOT type 1 was used as a new foundation.
Newly installed drainage system to manage surface water.
The driveway was then laid using Brett tumbled Tegula paving.