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Block Paved Driveway with Half-Moon Step in Rugby

This is a newly installed paved driveway in Rugby. We completely excavated the existing driveway to allow the installation of a new foundation of mot type 1, new path edgings and a tarmac strip across the drive. We laid the driveway using pennant grey Marshalls paving and built a new half-moon-shaped step using KL key kerbs.

Tegula Paved Driveway with New Fencing and Sandstone Slabbed Back Patio in Rugby

Here are some before and after photos of a new driveway and patio installation in Rugby.

We completely excavated the existing driveway and garden to open up the front for additional parking and to modernise the property. We built new decorative fencing on the right boundary and straightened and replaced the existing fence on the left. We installed the driveway with tumbled three-size Tegula paving and added new manhole covers and a matching step. We also installed new security barriers.
We laid the patio and pathway at the back with Multibuff sandstone slabs.

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Resin Bound Driveway with Tegula Paved Pathway in Rugby

These photos showcase Summit Paving’s latest driveway project in Rugby.

We removed the existing driveway and installed a new sub-base with a tumbled Tegula paved pathway in the centre. For our foundation, we used porous concrete, and finally, we topped the driveway with resin-bound chippings in the colour cappuccino.

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Resin Bound Driveway with Tarmac Apron in Rugby

These photos showcase Summit Driveways’ latest driveway installation in Rugby.

We excavated and extended the old driveway and fitted new ‘charcoal’ tumbled Tegula border edging with a 45° herringbone pattern at the front. We also installed new flower beds and retained them with key-kerbs.

After installing a porous concrete foundation, we laid the resin bound congregate in the colour ‘cappuccino’. Finally, we finished the project with a tarmac apron at the front.

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Brindle Block Paved Driveway with Light Grey Footpath in Rugby

First, we dug out the existing driveway and garden and installed a new hardcore foundation. On the left-hand side, we installed new fencing and at the front door, we installed new flower beds with railway sleepers.

We laid the driveway with brindle block paving with charcoal border and we laid the pathway with contrasting light grey blocks. We also installed a strip of gravel along the fence.

Asphalt Driveway Installation in Brownsover, Rugby

New SMA driveway installation completed by Summit Driveways in Brownsover, Rugby. The original driveway was excavated and removed along with an area of grass beside it so the driveway could be squared off with the line of the front door porch.

Once we had dug out the entire area and properly excavated it down to a solid sub base, we laid in a new membrane control fabric to prevent the base mixing and applied our new consolidated base of Type 1 MOT foundation was laid into the areas as a new foundation

We fitted in new charcoal block paving kerbs (KL) along the right side of the extended driveway which was used to replace the old retaining wall which held back the garden area.

New drainage was added to the front of the garage for dealing with water runoff using Aco channels which were steel lidded for reinforcement.

A cobble style Tegula paving block was used as a border around the driveway which we set in cement to make sure it would help to retain the new surface.

New SMA (stone mastic asphalt) BS EN 13108-5 was laid on top of the new foundation to a depth of 80mm and set to finish flush with the cobble brick border around the SMA driveway.

Once we had set suitable levels for water run off on the asphalt driveway, we machine compacted and power rolled the new asphalt surface to lock it in place.

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Resin Bound Driveway with New Side Wall and Raised Flower Beds in Rugby

New driveway has been completed by Summit Driveways in Rugby.

First we took out the original block paving and knocked down the side walls. Then we installed new hardcore foundation and built up new side walls with raised flower beds on top.

We gave the driveway a brick border that matches the colour tone of the resin bound chips that we used for the main driveway.

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Marshalls Slate Slab Patio in Rugby

This patio transformation has been recently completed by Summit Driveways in Rugby.

We excavated the designed area and added a membrane sheeting together with a hard core compact base.

We laid the Marshalls Slate slabs on a bed of concrete and filled the gaps with Geo fix.

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Marshall Block Paving Driveway in Hillmorton, Rugby

This driveway project has been supplied and carried out by Summit Driveways in Hillmorton, Rugby.

We started by ripping out the original driveway. Then we regraded the sub-base and compacted that in with a membrane sheeting in top.

Then we installed type 1 MOT hardcore base, that compacted down again. We screeded the sands to new levels to match the neighbours drive and finally laid it with Marshall block paving bricks in a 45° herringbone pattern. The colours of choice were Charcoal for the border and Bracken for the center.

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SMA Tarmac Driveway in Rugby

Take a look at the last driveway project, completed by Summit Driveways in Rugby.

First we took out the existing tarmac driveway, including the grass area on the right hand side.

Then we installed a new border around the perimeter of the driveway using Marshalls block paving bricks and set it in concrete. We put down a new membrane and type 1 hardcore base and compacted it all down.

Finally we poured down a 3 inches thick layer of SMA tarmac and compacted it all down with a machine roller.

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